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5: Claiming Sexual Identity

Episode 5: Claiming our Sexual Identity

Natasha Helfer Parker interviews Isa Jones, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Clinical Sexologist, on the importance of creating & claiming our sexual identities both as individuals and couples.  What does this mean?  For example, we often have clear ideas about many roles we play in our lives… who am I as a parent?… as a spouse?… as a business partner? But how many times have we thought about “who am I sexually?” So, how do we go about claiming our own sexuality in ways that hold authenticity and internal authority?  What sexual values do we hold - not just from our religious culture - but from the space of pleasure, consent, vulnerability, erotic experience, etc…?  And then… how do we communicate these sexual spaces with our partners - especially when sexual tastes and preferences differ?  Natasha and Isa discuss all kinds of helpful strategies, exercises and reframes that can help you find your erotic potential, manage libido differences and better negotiate sexual fantasy, desires and interests.  

Isa grew up in an LDS home, has a great understanding of Mormon culture and works with a large number of LDS clientele. She is the owner of the Scottsdale Center for Sex and Relationship Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She specializes in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), improving couples communication, creative problem solving, enhancing intimacy and increasing erotic desire. Isa graduated with her BS in Human Development from Brigham Young University and her Masters degree in MFT at Arizona State University. She is the Arizona Section leader for AASECT. Isa has been educating and inspiring women, men and couples to live with more passion, self-confidence and joy for over 20 years. To get in touch with Isa visit

Resources mentioned during the podcast:

Esther Perel's Ted Talk Mating in Captivity: Reconciling Intimacy and Sexuality & book Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Sexual Intelligence

Gina Ogden, author of The Return of Desire: A Guide to Rediscovering your Sexual Passion, Women who Love Sex: Ordinary Women Describe their Paths to Pleasure, Intimacy and Ecstasy and more... 

Interview with Joe Kort: From Sex Addiction to Sex Positivity

Barry McCarthy's book Discovering your Couple Sexual Style: Sharing Desire, Pleasure and Satisfaction

Tammy Nelson, author of The New Monogamy: Redefining your Relationship after Infidelity and Getting the Sex You Want: Shed your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together

Janis Abrahms Spring, author of After the Affair and How Can I Forgive You?: The Courage to Forgive, the Freedom Not To

Thank you to Jeff Meyers for the intro and Peter & Mary Danzig of Otter Creek Duo for the concluding bumper music. 

Natasha Helfer Parker runs a private practice in Wichita, KS and writes at The Mormon Therapist for Patheos: Hosting the Conversation of Faith.  She also hosts the popular podcast, Mormon Mental Health.  

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